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hot tub vs jacuzzi

So what's the difference between a hot tub and a jacuzzi?

Short answer: There isn't really a difference between a jacuzzi and a hot tub.

'Jacuzzi' refers to a specific brand, whereas 'hot tub' is a generic term. It's like the difference between a 'Hoover' and a 'vacuum cleaner'.


What is a jacuzzi?

A jacuzzi is simply a type of hot tub. The term 'Jacuzzi' is a trademarked brand name belonging to a company that specialises in hot tubs. In fact, the Jacuzzi company was the very first to manufacture hot tubs with a hydrotherapy pump, and they achieved such great success that their brand name has become synonymous with hot tubs, whirlpools and spas.

DID YOU KNOW? The brand Jacuzzi doesn't just sell hot tubs - they actually offer a range of specialist products including baths, pools, saunas, and (once upon a time) aircraft!

The company was founded by the Jacuzzi brothers in 1915, but it wasn't until 1940 that Candido Jacuzzi realised there was a gap in the market for a product that could help relieve the pain associated with arthritis. This led to the birth of the very first hot tub with built-in jets that could be used to massage sore areas of the body.

As these hot tubs gained popularity, the Jacuzzi family decided it would be beneficial to create larger hot tubs that were capable of accommodating multiple people at once. Without their ingenuity, we wouldn't have such a wealth of hot tubs on the market today.


Jacuzzi vs hot tub: then and now

Hot tub designs have come a long way since Candido Jacuzzi patented his invention all those decades ago. Nowadays, you can shop online and find a wide range of hot tubs that feature everything from LED lights to built-in Bluetooth speakers and more!

Modern hot tubs can do much more for you than relieve the symptoms of arthritis - they can be a fun place to relax with your partner or the centrepiece of a party with friends.

Here are just some of the amazing features that come with our hot tubs:

  • Stylish outer shells in a range of colours and finishes
  • Pop-up fountains
  • Light-up waterfalls
  • Marine speakers
  • Footwell lights
  • Custom-built bars to hold your drinks and snacks
  • Thermal covers

We can even supply hot tubs with built-in TVs! Wonder if the Jacuzzi brothers ever imagined that?

Here at Premier Hot Tubs, we offer a wide range of hot tubs that are sure to bring a touch of luxury and relaxation to your life. Shop now, or get in touch with our team - we'll be more than happy to help you choose the perfect hot tub.

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