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Hot Tub Cover Lifter

Premier Hot Tubs Cover Lifter

Price: £139.99

This cover lifter makes Childs play of removing and replacing the cover from your hot tub Whether your home alone, younger, older, this cover lifter makes life so much easier! Simply unfasten the cover, fold open the cover, and the lifter does the rest for you! Easy to use, durable and easy to store, makes this cover lifter a real essential for any hot tub.

Note: The cover lifter attahes UNDER your hot tub. The weight of the hot tub helps the movement of the lifter. Therefore if your hot tub is already in position, you will need to make arrangements to empty and lift it.
You will need about 1m overhead clearance for the lifter to work correctly.

Instructions: Click here

Premier Hot Tubs Cover Lifter

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